How to Save Money by Investing in Authentic Designer Clothes

Buying Designer Clothes has to be an Investment.

The importance of buying well made clothes is that it saves you money in the long run.

It never fails; somehow my mother is always right as much as I hate to admit it. “You get what you pay for” has been a mantra for her ever since I can remember, and it is true. She is a believer that you buy something once and keep it for (almost) eternity, and fashion is one of those things. I’ve got to hand it to her – buying designer clothes from an investment standpoint is a smart decision. I have suits that still look as good today as they did 8 years ago.

For the record, I don’t think that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on a wardrobe. I think you need to shop wisely. Access what you need into categories – what you need, versus what you want. What is your lifestyle – mom, working woman, lady who lunches, party diva, or some sort of combination of all? Once you know what holes to fill in your closet, make a list and head for your favorite fashion designer boutique.

While some may criticize the spendy prices, there is truly a difference between wearing Elie Tahari, and wearing H&M. Look and feel the quality of the fabric. Synthetics have come a long way, and when used in conjunction with natural fibers they are a godsend. Wool, cotton, silk, and linen make long lasting garments, particularly when a little spandex is added for stretch. Drapability needs to be superior to create a good fit. You can always justify spending more for a well fitting shirt, particularly if know you will wear it often.

Construction of a designer garment will outweigh a mass produced item any day. The better the garment is made, the longer it will last. Inspect the seams, lining, and small details. A well made item will have the pattern matched at the seams to provide continuity. If you look at an iconic Chanel jacket, you will notice the details are impeccable. The lining is constructed from as many panels as the jacket’s fabric itself. A small chain is sewn into the bottom of the hem to ensure the hang is perfect every time. The braid detail that follows the seams stays in place and emphasizes the lines of the piece. A cheaply made jacket will pull at the seams, and the lining will roll in the wrong places, emphasizing all that is inferior.

Aside from the quality of the fabric and construction, you will find a noticeable difference in fit. Designers simply get it and know how a garment should fit. If an article of clothing fits well, you will wear it often, and it will stand the test of time. I will gladly pay $400 for a pair of classy wool trousers that I will wear for ten years, then $40 bucks for something that barely makes it through the season without stretching or pilling – again, if you get what you pay for, then why buy it numerous times?

Well made designer clothes will stay true to the classic style, and will be well worth the extra you spend. You can always buy low for trendy accents and fashion accessories that get pitched after a year. However, in the big picture, you will ultimately save yourself money by considering the important pieces as an investment – suits, shirting, the little black dress, a luxury handbag. If you purchase the right pieces, you can ultimately make them look different season to season by what you pair them with and your individual style.