Debt Free Ways – Ways to Reduce Your Excessive Water Bills and Invest the Change

If you want to reduce your debts you will need to do something that gives you spare cash that can be allocated to debt repayments. Whilst not exactly glamorous, seeking to reduce your water bills can be a surprisingly useful way to reduce your regular outgoings.

One important first step is to check how you are billed. If it is a flat rate based on your house size etc then you need to explore if your supplier will allow you to have a water meter fitted. Even if they won’t it is still useful to review your usage as often water usage and electricity bills are connected.

As usual there are some fairly simple things that can be done. Do not run washing machines half empty (a saving both of water and electricity), turn off hoses and taps when not in use etc. Pretty simple additional steps are to collect your rainwater from drains so as to water the garden for free. Other cheap options include fitting hippos to your toilet cisterns (these are less glamorous than they sound – it’s a sort of brick that reduces the volume of water needed to fill the cistern each time it is used).

Beyond this most of the options require a degree of up-front investment or a degree of knowledge. You could for example reduce the pressure in your central heating/hot water system which in turn will reduce water flow. This may or may not lead to actual savings depending on how wasteful you normally are.

As with most approaches to reducing your outgoings by cutting your utility bills the savings for each particular action are often small. However, they all add up to less expenditure and the money saved can be applied to your goal of becoming debt free.

Some might wonder that the money saved is way too low to save and nothing good can come out of it. That kind of talk goes down under the category of self confidence. By thinking like this, you reduce your self confidence and in turn takes a toll of financial wealth. Here take a look at compounding or is your self confidence depriving you time after time of making wealth from absolutely nothing.